Hey folks, I have been playing acoustic for about 6 months (just got electric this week), am self-taught and think I am getting pretty decent so far. I am beginning to work on scales, studying music theory and keeping myself pretty balanced in my learning. I have a few challenges I hope ya good people can help with:

1. I can't seem to get harmonics right at all. If I barre for example the 7th or 12th fret and strum (of course barring here = lightly touching I mean) I can hear the harp-like sounds of the harmonics, but individually just trying to play notes I can't do them right. Any tips or videos to recommend for help?

2. Even if I have a little solo fully memorized, I can't play it smoothly without going through it at least 2-3 times, then I can do it nice all the way through. Am I just asking too much of myself so soon into my guitar playing, is this fine and normal at this point?

3. Having just gotten the electric, it feels real wierd to stand up and play, I'm so used to sitting of course-- it's tough as I feel I have to curve my hand up more around the neck than when sitting. Should I practice standing up to learn this way or will it just sink in after some time?

4. I find it really difficult to pick from the G to D string (like the beginning of the Black Dog solo with the little riff done a few times), I keep finding my pick just pressed against the string, it won't pluck the dang thing Does this come with time/strength/etc. or should I be aware of some technique(s)?

Thanks a lot for any help folks!
whoa, thats alot of stuff you want to learn lol. ive been playin for about a year, and ive only just got harmonics (artificial and natural lol) perfect. and practice playing standing up, you'll get used to it. thats the best way. just play standing up.
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Well you seem to really be pushing it. Personally this is my advice. Just keep at your own pace. Don't push yourself to learn something just because they *should* be learned at a certain time. Everything comes with casual practice. Hell, a few years ago when I was learning harmonics, I was pushing myself to keep trying but I overexerted. I stopped concentrating on them so much and focused on other things. A few rainy boredom days later I was throwing dime squeals and pinch harmonics into my riffs.

It just comes with time and patience. Don't force yourself, just play casually and practice a bit along the way.
Okay, like Hoodoo Child and Flamingrhythm said, you seem to be pushing yourself a bit much.
In answer to your questions:

1. Try just taking it slowly, practicing harmonics for just a couple of minutes a day, and eventually you'll get it. Try starting on the 12th fret, G-string, as this is often an easy one to get.

2. Don't try and fully memorise the solo, especially if it's quite long. Try playing just a few bars of the solo until you've got them going smoothly, then move on to the next few bars. Afterwards, link them together. Also, if you start off a slower tempo than the solo should be, and gradually work up to the right tempo, you may find it easier (metronomes, or Guitar Pro if you can happily afford it, are useful for this.

3. Again take it slowly. Try playing standing up for just a few minutes a day, and gradually increase that, until you'll eventually become used to it. You might want to practice something sat down, and then play the same thing while stood up afterwards, to see how it compares.

4. That's just weird!! Just practice and you'll get the hang of it.

Seems to me that all your problems are caused by rushing into things. Just take time over things, and don't set youself targets that're too high.
Make sure you've memorised the solo before trying to play it - it's surprising how many people make that mistake. Your goal is to recreate the sounds right? And the easiest way for a human to reproduce a sound is vocally. Once you've mastered that then you can look at reproducing the sound by more complex methods, like with an instrument. However, if you can't even hum the solo you're really going to struggle to play it.
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Thanks a lot guys, I certainly agree now that I reflect a bit that I try to do too much too soon. It's just all so exciting, this world of guitar

I think one thing I have overlooked in my playing so far is strumming, in particular my timing/ability to keep a steady beat (I wish to get good enough down the road that I can sing/play together well). I know of metronomeonline.com, I'm just curious what a good way is to practice? Just pick a few chords and strum, changing every X number of beats? Pick a song?

And I have printed out many of the scale/chord/theory lessons here on UG and am reading them over every night, this site is amazing!
Also, how do you play chords like this:


I've tried barring but squeezing the middle, ring and pinky into one fret as they get so tiny up the neck doesn't seem right. Is it like barring with index and middle/ring, spread apart to barre both frets (index a bit higher to get lower string(s) of course)??
Personally, I barre the 7th fret with my index finger and then barre the 9th fret with the ring finger. Starting the barre on the 9th fret one string lower of course. ;]