So, with NAMM happening Now im hoping for Roland to get out a Cube 60x. Yet i'm, to say the least, doubtful.

Anywho, i think im going to get a cube, but are the extra features of the 30x enough to cause me to get one instead of a cube 60? The tuner doesn't look that amazing, and i guess the tone is overall going the be the same (if a bit less able to handle loudness).

Opinions? 30x or 60?
I looked at Roland Cubes when looking at amps.
But i got the Vox AD50 instead, it looks nicer ans sounds better in my opinion.
im looking at a roland cube 30x.. just because i want something louder than my crap ive got now, but not too loud. i also get built in effects too
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Well I guess the Cube60 is the best bet. Our bassist has one. (Used it when he used to play guitar). It's sounds great IMO. One of my other friends also happens to have the Cube30x. The Cube60 sounds much better because of the size when you put it louder you don't get all sorts of weird hums.