im switching from 9s to 10s on my jackson and of course it has a flyod.
is this gonna be a problem?
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I never had a problem when i switched from 9s to 10s but i dont have a floyd rose so im not all that sure.
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Truss rod should be fine. Just gotta re-set the intonation and the floyd springs.
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It's a problem. For lacking bridge systems you'll need to get a set up done with the string change. Unless your a pretty handy guitar tech. Your bridge angle to the body is gonna change.... and your intonation will change. It's probably worth taking it in to get done and then you'd need to stick with 10's. And make sure whoever sets the guitar up or changes strings stretches the crap out of them. Only way to get really solid tuning stability in a trem system is to spend about 10 to 15 minutes stretching the strings before you set the tuning and lock the top.
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