Just performed my first string change, on a Floyd Rose.

Went without trouble really. Although the e string snapped at the base, but it was ok due to the system of locking it at the bottom.

Now, perfect, some nice Ernie Balls Skinny Top Heavy Lows on (10-52) and its great.
Gave it a polish and a fretboard clean too.

Proud of me UG?
Congrats! Now try it blindfolded

Seriously, well done! It's a bit daunting for a beginner til you try it

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Nice, but don't have a victory party yet lol.

Floyd roses can be quite tricky, sometimes they tend to screw you over when you don't see it coming but I think you did alright.

Definitely not something to do blindfolded
i got to give it up to ya, im proud. i remember restringing my FR for the first time, it didnt go over so well lol
I find it so easy to lose patience stringing a regular guitar nevermind a FR. Good job. I'd probably end up very angry, haha.
Thanks everyone =) Woop. I was hoping i had done something worth posting about :P
... im doing my first switch today also (not my first string change but the first time im doing it) if i screw up i just give it to the store on monday while i bring my brothers gibson to my guitar lesson
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