Hey everyone, I've been playing for about a year, but I haven't seen any great progress in my playing. I kno a lot of riffs, but I dont know any full songs. I bought a book for beginners guitar, but it seems like a lot of the stuff isnt so much of my interest. Some of it is but I dont find it interesting to play the simple chord songs. I like to learn tabs from bands. I tried to set a time schedule such as 10 min for tapping, 10 min for pinch harmonics, 30 min for metronome alternate picking, and 1 hr for songs. I dont know if I should learn one song at a time or a couple or 4 songs at a time. Im really comfused now. I need help to organize my time in a smart way to improve my playing.
jeezzz a year n not a full song???n ive been playin 3 years i dont have a scehdule i practice w.e i wanna practice n it toke me 2 n a half years to learn to do a good pinch lol n i usually learn one song at a time n b determined to learn it no matter wat n focus on that one song like it toke me awhile to get the beast and the harlot solo but i kept playing and playing.....and playing n then i got it/i also played only 2 bands for my first year/system of a down and nirvana was basically it/i say focus one thing at a time till ur good at it then hit some other stuff 1 step at a time..srry for long post
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Everybody learns things differently so it's pretty much down to you and your personality as to how you apportion your time.

Foe example if you have a really high concentration and patience level then focussing solely on one song/technique for a long time would help you learn that faster. If, on the other hand, you have a really low attention span and medically dangerous levels of patience (like me) then little bite-size chunks would be most beneficial to prevent boredom.

The most important thing is quality over quantity. If you practice sloppily for an hour then all you're doing is reinforcing those errors and committing them to muscle memory. Try to practice/play each technique or piece as if it's the most important thing to you at that time.

Having said that I constantly mess around with my guitar while watching TV
ok you need to do away with that schedule. seriously. that wont help at all.

ill show you a good schedule, you dcide the timeframe.


warm-ups can include finger-stretches, chromatic scales, etc.

chords - just go over all the standard chords and barre chords.

scales - work on playing different major/minor/pentatonic scales. start slowly and then gradually get faster. using a metronome is good here. also try different patterns instead of just the standard ascending or descending.

songs - pick a song and try to learn it from start to finish. just work on one part everytime you practice though. or if the song is easy, go through a lot of it. sometimes you find songs tat are easy except for the solo. go ahead and get the song down, then start working on the solo in small parts.

improv - put on a song/backing track, and work on improvising in different scales in the key of the song.

also, you dont need to ALWAYS go by this schedule. its always fun to just pick up the guitar and play you know? by the way, thats what im off to do right now hahaha.
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