When a guitar gets strung in the factory does the string guy also adjust the intonation and neck relief? Or are the guitars generaly not setup at all?
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They'd have to be. Not necessarily as fine-tuned as it could/should be, but they have to set it up or else their guitars would play like crap on the shelves and nobody would buy them.
when i got my jackson brand new it was strung with 9's and i played it with 9s for a long time. when i desided to check it out and see if it was intonated to my suprize it was damn near dead on. i dont know if this was just pure luck though.
Most guitars I've picked up at local music stores are reasonably in tune (except at GC, where every guitar is in drop-D) and have the correct amount of neck relief. I've never picked up a new guitar with correct intonation though.
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Generally, the more expensive and higher in quality a guitar is, the better it is set up from the factory

i always find ibanezs are set up really well and jacksons too
however, i played a few LTDs and they were VERY badly set up
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Expensive guitars most of the time. Cheap ones probably not. The 2 epis I have neither were even close to being setup. Most companies arent going to spend the time or money to pay a person to do this when they can just stick it in a box and leave it to the customer to get straightened out later.
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