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It wasn't bad enough that there music was absolutely horrible, Josh Homme has to ****ing whine at a concert about a little fever, and scream at a paying fan that was just joking around. Obviously the kid didn't think the singer would be such a pussy. He got the kid kicked out. That kid should get him money back for sure.

Listen to how many times he says faggot , yet he was the one who threatened to rape the kid in the ass.

and just in case there were still people who didnt think he was a douchebag

i cant even make sense of this incoherent rambling. Overreaction? the kid was drunk for ****s sake.

By the way Josh, "Make it witchu" is a really "fly" song.
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ya QOTSA suck only good for stoner rock
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wow.that guy is a big pussy
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Is that you, Sharon Osbourne?
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i don't care about the things he said as much as i care about his way of reacting. i don't know. if the kid intentionally threw a shoe on the stage to hit him then **** why not do what he did. if the shoe was thrown just to make it to the stage with no intent on hurting anyone then . . who cares. ultimately, who cares anyway. i don't like when anyway throws **** at people on stage, its disrespectful. anyway. he may have over-reacted but who cares, we all do. secondly, i'd liek to point out that i don't like their music at all, never have . . . so i'm not trying to stick up for something i have a biased opinion on.
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There was a thread about this in the pit.
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