So I'm at band practice the other day and our lead guitarist Zach starts going on and on about a talk box solo. I was a bit skeptical but then again I've heard plenty of nice solos using talk boxes (Anything goes - GNR) (Kickstart my heart - Motley). So I agreed we should give it a go. We're pooling our cash and buying one this weekend. However, I'm unsure on what brand we should trust. Zach is pretty smitten with the Dunlop Heli. I am a fan of Dunlop products but I just want to make sure just in case I'm pissing my money away.
be VERY careful in how you set it up. You run the risk of blowing your amp. A Rocktron Banshee would be much better as there is no risk of ruining your amp

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i say go with the rocktron, that way you won't **** anything up
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I had been looking at the rocktron without saying anything and it actually looks like better quality. Because god forbid zach isn't too careful with his gear.

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very true, the rocketron has an internal pre amp (i believe?) which allows you to place the TB in your pedal chain, unlike the dunlop heil
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