I realize this is a dumb thread but it's a good way to learn . This is a sample of me playing bass on a track, I have roughly 8 months of experience though it has been split trying to learn a lot of theory and basics of guitar. I'm playing a Squier 70's Fretless. All comments and suggestions appreciated .


You sound pretty good, however the bassline you were playing didnt fit the song at all. You dont need and souldnt walk everything. There I would set a grove around beats 1 and 3. Listen to everything you can get your hands on so you can figure out what fits where.
I liked it, it grooved well and your obviously a decent player. My only complaint is that it was somewhat repetitive at times but I guess if this was a jam then that is to be expected.
thanks for the comments dudes,

ripper 66, thanks and that jam will soon have solos from a few other guitarists on it as well so it wont seem as empty
Very nice bass. Especially for eight months of playing, and on a fretless. Your main bassline you had down almost perfectly, but there were a few of those fills that needed a little better timing. Tonewise, I was pretty impressed, though a few of the higher notes seemed a little too loud, and a few of the lower ones were a little too quiet. Other than that, you had great playing. If I did a jam like that, I would not consider it a failure, and would probably be a little pleased with myself. I would have stayed there recording until my fills fit in perfectly if it was a self-produced recording. Oh, and many of the lines did seem a little repetitive. Maybe throwing in a harmonic or two would improve it?
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