I personally don't think he is that great. His songs sound good but they are all pretty easy. What about you?
just beacuse his songs are easy doesn't mean he isnt a great guitarist. he doesn't feel the need to play complicated riffs. he plays what sounds good. he also has a VERY unique style and that is what he is known for.
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Eh, he's pretty innovative but apart from that he's not as amazing as everyone makes him out to be. However his acoustic stuff is good, though not great. He's more of an average guitarist with awesome tricks.
Just because someones songs are easy doesn't mean they arent great. I find it usually takes a great player to come up with something catchy, yet very simple. i respect Morello for his creativity with effects. He doesnt need to blast out a shredding solo every song just for me to consider him great.


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Well I'm not saying he sucks, his songs are cool, just not amazing, and I always thought he was awesome until now.

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His songs sound good
Then he's a good guitarist.

Talk about him in the RATM thread floating around.
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