I really want to buy a new amplifier. I will be getting a valve (or tube for you Americans ) if it kills me. I play classic rock and hard rock with a bluesy edge. Think Cream meets GnR and Motley Crue. I have looked and sifted until I have decided on the two to decide from.

These are the JCM800 combo and the new Vintage Modern combo. My deciding factors will probably be price and your recommendations. Any other suggestions would be welcome.

And does ANYONE know of a site where you can buy good JCM800 combo's, either reissues or vintages in good condition and for ok money?

Thanks guys.
I've looked on eBay, and there's no good deals on there atm. The amps just don't look that healthy. And the majority would need a valve refit soon.

Btw, I do NOT want to get a head and cab, kinda overkill for what I'm after.
ebay, if your serious about it then do your best to try it out before you bid though. I won a JCM800 combo on ebay a couple of months ago, it was described as perfect working condition and good cosmetic condition. When i went to pick it up the reverb was completely ****ed and even though it looked ok in the pictures it was pretty much in tatters.

edit - just gotta wait it out on ebay, every now and then i see someone get an awesome price on one
Good ones haven't come up on eBay very much lately. Doesn't anyone know of a site that sell's good reissues or anything? Anyone at all?