So, been saving up and I have about a 250 dollar budget. Right now I'm at a tie between getting: the line 6 modeler filter or the delay, a whammy pedal, or the EHX micro synth... Really i'm looking for a very versatile pedal you can play with for a while and get a lot of cool sounds. I'm open to any suggestions for another pedal that fits description though

help appreciated,

cheers, mike
the line 6 modeler will have all that you need, have you looked at the Korg pedals aswel? like the - meh i forget :P its a few up from the AX5G :P
if you want different sounds, you should get a multifx, if you don't have a pedal already that is, have you got any pedals, and what style of music do you play?
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I definitely disagree with poipoi. Multi-effects suck.

I'd say stay away from the Whammy. The new ones aren't so good. Actually none of them have been since the original, and those definitely are a lot more than $250 now. They're the most highly sought after effect out there.
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i've played one a few times, they sound alright but not as great as the old models, (i'm not paying for one of those)
The whammy pedal will give you lots of cool sounds. That said, when i used one it was lots of cool, generally useless, sounds. I would say look at the delay first, and if you don't like it try the micro synth. Delays are generally pretty versatile and cool.
Quote by tambie34
i've played one a few times, they sound alright but not as great as the old models, (i'm not paying for one of those)

Yup, thats why i havent purchased one yet. Im waiting to see if a used older model pops up in the store i go always go too..
Go with something that you actually NEED, so unless you NEED whammy pedal, stay away.
Also, if you feel the need to get it, don't get the Digitech whammy. The harmonizing on it realllly isn't very good.

That being said..I'd go with a delay. Personally, I'm not a fan of the Line 6, but, to each his own.

have fun.
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Sorry to ruffle the stomp box purist, but a multi-fx pedal for a non-working musician is the best bang for the buck. Boss, Digitech, Korg, Pod, etc. all make very good quality boxes. A couple thing to consider is whether you plan on using it live. Many of the modeling pedals (ie: Digitech RP, Behringer V-amp) use a two button with exp pedal setup. This a fine for home use but is a pain to use live because you have to literally scroll up/down to your patch. The higher end multi-fx pedals let you setup multiple patches and also let you turn on/off the individual effects within the patch via multi-footswitch setup. I have a older Korg AX1000G I use for jam sessions that does this. The Digitech GNX series have a tone of effects/modeling with built-in 8trk recorder. Zzounds is selling GNX3 B-stock for $179. Also with the newer multi-fx units, it should have a USB interface for direct recording and editing/loading patches. I recently purchased a Digitech RP250 solely because I liked its amp modeling and reverb and I can record to my PC from it. I got it new for $120. No way I could even touch that amount of functionality using stomp boxes for the same money.

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