So one of my bandmates wrote this song, and I thought it was one of the best he's written. Not to say that this piece is amazing, just that its better than his others. I already gave him some advice for it, but he wants some more so I decided to post it here

Some start with hating
But I never knew somebody who did me wrong
But rather saw right through me
And I let it all consume me

So where’s my motivation?
I am anchored and cannot embark
It’s funny how I recall fading
Now I’m drowning yet not in the dark

It was heartbreak
Not my fondest memory
Yet it was lust not amity
But who am I to disagree?

Pen, paper, and eraser
Love songs are so overrated
Yet my mind cannot fashion
Any thoughts but those of you

Only you and you and you and nothing else

And it grows
It blossoms
It ripens
Until it’s old

And it hardens
It’s dying
I’m trying
You’re gold

Girl I’ve never met someone like you
I’m enticed into your icy blues
And you’re my favorite song
Only no one sings along

And that’s exactly what I want
So call me greedy sweetie
You’re for only me
And that’s just how it’s got to be.

I have never really been in love
No drug that I can think up of
Has bloomed with such precision
And not turned out an awful lie
Metaphors and some similes
Can’t describe your tips colored in lime
‘Cause I could search forever
But true poetry has no rhyme

There is no chorus or verse, just stanzas. Thats how we like to write