i was just thinking about this, whats the origin of the two fingered peace sign? or even the circle with the three pronged stick in it? anyone know (as were all peace loving hippie types here of course )
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The "Three-Pronged Stick" is taken from the outline of the B-52 bomber, I believe.

EDIT: Wikipedia claims it's to do with semaphoric flag waving, or something.

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the circle is a superposition of the naval flag codes for ND (nuclear disarmament)


What he said.
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The circle one was formerly the symbol for an ICBM.

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The circle is the symbol for nuclear disarmament. It was originally used during the antinuclear rallies in the WW2 where a group of people marched to a research center with flags that had the circle peace sign on them. I don't know what the other one is from though.

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the circle is a superposition of the naval flag codes for ND (nuclear disarmament)

this is correct.
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The circle one stood for ND.

In military flag signals, "N" was represented by both flags diagonally down at the sides, much like an upside down V. "D" was represented by one flag pointing straight up and another pointing straight down, in the manner of a vertical line.

"N.D." stood for "nuclear disarmament" or something of that sort, so it's not much of a stretch to put the symbol for N and symbol for D together and make the peace sign.
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the 2 fingered peace sign means v for victory.

so if there is victory, there is no war
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peace sign meant victory in WWII, troops would use it as an encouragement almost before and after battles. dont know how that evolved into meaning peace though
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i've been told that the peace sign came from a picture in National Geographic of some sort of rally, where there were display boards set up such that when you looked down on it, it formed that three-pronged stick, and the front page of the magazine was that image cropped in a circle.

the two fingered was originally a V for Victory, and therefore peace.
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The circle ones in the shape of Peter's cross (he was crucified upside down). I dont know if that is cooincidental or not.
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the two fingered was originally a V for Victory, and therefore peace.

I think that comes from some old war, when the English captured French archers and cut their first 2 fingers off, so used it as a taunt to them.
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Is it not also regarded as an anti-Christian sign?

A broken cross upside down?
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my 7th grade history teacher told me that it was a broken cross that was upside down since he thought hippies were evil
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I think that comes from some old war, when the English captured French archers and cut their first 2 fingers off, so used it as a taunt to them.

Other way round. The French cut of the two fingers of English longbowmen.
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The peace sign came from, of all things, the battle of Agincourt(I may be incorrect on the particular battle, but the rest is correct, I am certain). Welsh longbowmen, whom the French had threatened to cut the fingers off of had the french been victorious, flashed their bow pulling fingers at the defeated French when the English prevailed. This became the universal victory sign not only because it looked like a V, but because it was the result of a true victory. In the 20th century this sign became the peace sign because of the inference that after victory, war is over.
My uncle tells me that it came from an upside-down cross with the arms broken downward >_>

But he's a major conspiracy theorist.

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The symbol denotes the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND)
The 'V' sign denotes victory for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, or, a hope that one day all nuclear weapons will be disarmed.