I just saw Hostel: Part II yesterday and now I can't stop wondering if **** like that is actually going on....

So do you guys think that there are real organizations that do stuff like that? Cause that'd be pretty ****ed up...
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Yeah, I'm pretty sure stuff like that does go on.
I'd imagine it's real some where. I still have yet to see the second one. I hear there is raging cannibalism and such.
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I love the first one, not the second. In the special features for the first one, Eli Roth talks about how he got the idea for the movie, and it came from researching something that actually is rather similar to that. But, he learned pretty quickly that if he kept looking into it, he'd either have to join it, or he'd probably get killed for finding out too much.
There could well be. A lot of sick people live on this planet.
I have that thought sometimes, then I remember that they made Rick Hoffman out to be rich and realize that that just couldn't happen.
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I'm sure every twisted thing, within physical limitations, exists somewhere. Just look at the young boy being cannibalized in the other thread.
could be true i heard the idea behind Saw I was based on true events.
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You like Lamb of God, so you're awesome.
Ugh the first hostel sucked anyway so who cares?

But aye I did wonder about that. There could be all sorts going on as we speak.
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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.
happened to me a couple of times.....gets kinda annoying actually.
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could be true i heard the idea behind Saw I was based on true events.

I highly doubt that.
if a place like that does exist, eastern europe is definitely where it would be.
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yes, and it does. read the news, there are things discovered.
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Didn't you see the thread of the family that locked up their kid and ate him?
It's deffinatly possible.

My thoughts exactly upon opening this thread.
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There could well be. A lot of sick people live on this planet.

+1 **** from that movie is probably happening somewhere right now
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i always think stuff like that after 've watched a tense police/action program/film, i feel enraged by it even.
I'm sure it does happen. Not on as large a scale as the movie portrays though. Not with like 6 people being tortured at once, and people waiting in line for it.

The places that COULD happen at are the countries with the corrupt government or police forces and whatnot that know about it (if it was on that large of scale). Something that big couldnt be kept from being noticed...people disappearing every night. Think about it, if they took at least one person a night thats 365 missing people, all from the same area in one year. You could not miss that.
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I didn't see the second, but the in the first one, the first hour of the movie is a porn flick.
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Saw reminds me of a sgort story by Clive Barker. It's in his Books of Blood, can't remember it's name.

On topic, yes.