I'm assuming its 'A Dream I Once Had'.
This is a very cool piece, man. The string intro really sucked me in and the arpeggio lick that came in afterwards was really sick. I thought the transition from the intro to the next part was a little awkward, but it gts the job done well enough I guess. I completely loved from 1:00 - 1:40 dude, very uplifting catchy stuff.
Overall I really enjoyed this song, and the fact that this was a live recording adds alot to that.. very very well done
hehe... thanks, man. I have to come clean though: it wasn't a live recording. I used some audience clips to augment that illusion; the idea is that the whole thing was a dream, you see.

But I'm glad you liked it! I appreciate it. I know what you mean about the transition, though... I'll work on it. Thanks again!
The Chad
Hey I love this song! XP

Lol. I just love it all through =P To tell the truth, I usually stop listening to songs after the first 30 secs, but this song attracts and it really makes you want way more. =P

The unique mix totally works =P


Oh and I just blogged you =D
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