I have a pretty used and worn Roland Cube 30 amp the old model that's served me well and sounds great almost on all levels apart from one vital flaw - I hate the Classic Stack mode, which is trying to emulate the classic Marshall tube drive. It sounds nothing like a Marshall and coupled with my Gibson Les Paul Standard its not really doing any justice.
I found this guy offering to trade my Cube for his almost new (only a few weeks old apparently) Marshall MG15MSII, the 'micro stack' model with a small and two cabs. Is it worth the trade? I've played a friend's MG30 many years back and remembering it being mediocre, the drive channel sounded okay.
I'm not too bothered about at the moment as they are only practise amps that I use not very often. The microstack seems quite a looker.
Need opinions asap.
the microstack is not a tube amp fyi. I'd try playing through it, to see if you like it, but I would advise keeping the roland cube;.
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Roland. The guy is trying to trade you his Marshall for a reason: he wants an upgrade.
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yeah, the cube's classic stack sounds like crap, but the marshall won't sound any better. and the cube is way more versatile and better sounding on so many levels
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Marshal MGs is the biggest NONO of all amps.. maybe worse than a Spider

Save up for an upgrade or buy a pedal to boost ur sound
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There's a reason he wants to trade that MG...
Besides, the cube 30 is pretty nice amp anyways
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i have a roland cube 60, the mg sucks dont get it, bad tone, unreliable
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haha don't worry about the sound quality too much guys. It's more of a novelty question because I hardly use them anyway. I usually rent out gear when doing gigs, usually a Fender Twin Reverb and JCM stacks.
I just need something for a little fun at home for abit of twiddling and my Cube 30 is so worn out at the moment and the classic stack sim is a piece of crap.
Definitely a no mate, the Cube is a far superior amp.
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You might think the classic stack model is crap, but the MG will sound even worse.
Try running an EQ pedal in front of the Cube.
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Definately a no no. Keep your cube.

If you want a good tube amp, try a peavey. A used Classic 30 would run you 300$. If you're on abudget, and you need a tube amp, get a small tube amp, like a 5w one. epi Valve Jr., Blackhearts, Peavey Royal 8 come to mind.
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Definately not. A Microstack is a kids toy for a 12 year old to show off to his prepubescent friends. It is not worth it. Hang on to your cube, and buy a real Marshall Stack one day when you have the money, like a DSL50, or one of the new Vintage Modern amps
*someone please post that pic.

The MG is nastycrap compared to the cube.

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You might think the classic stack model is crap, but the MG will sound even worse.
Try running an EQ pedal in front of the Cube.

+1 running an EQ pedal will help you shape the tone that you're looking for. You can get the sound you want out of your Cube you just need a little bit of help.
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