I've been wanting a new guitar for awhile. Today I'm planning on going into Guitar Center and trying out a few. Do any of you know any good Metal/Electric/Rock scales or riffs that I could play to help decide if I like the sound of the guitar?
The penatonic is excellent for this because its common in those genres and its easy so it will make u sound really good in public. And if its a good guitar the scales will beautiful.
Ok, I'll look at the Penatonic then. We'll see what it inspires me to play. I've been looking at a lot of B.C. Rich guitars as well. Mostly Warlocks/Warbeasts/Beasts.
Well, the Warlock turned out to be crap, and it was the only BC Rich they had. I was debating between a Dean Razorback and an Epiphone Explorer, but both were big and I was having trouble getting a case. I actually ended up with a Gibson SG, and I'm very happy with it.