Poll: Do you drink from the milk carton?
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Yes I do and I don't care what everyone else thinks.
17 50%
No, that's just disgusting.
17 50%
Voters: 34.
Simple question. I got bored so lets see how many people in the pit drink directly from the milk carton. You little devils you....
I drink my milk...


Nah, really I drink it from the bottle.
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Nope. Although I would if I lived alone, to save on washing up, because I'm a lazy bastid.
Most of the time, yeah.
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We don't use cartons, we use jugs.
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No, I don't drink milk at all. We get it in glass bottles, anyway. But were someone to drink out of the damn bottle they'd feel the fury. It's a vile habit.
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You know in canada, milk comes in bags...

But no I don't, apparently it's bad manners or something.


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Nope. Although I would if I lived alone, to save on washing up, because I'm a lazy bastid.

Same here.
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I get milk in plastic jugs, not cartons, and I don't really drink milk anyway, I prefer calcium fortified orange juice and multi-vitamins.
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i WOULD, but my family always leaves milk on the lid, and it forms little crusty dry flakes of milk all over the lid... it's freakin gross!

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Do us Brits still get cartons of milk?

It's mostly UHT in cartons. And it's still sh*te.
I drink the milk right out of the udder.
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No. I use a glass. I'm civilized.
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im not a redneck, so no

How the hell does that make you a redneck?

I do occasionally but I will usually use a cup.
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Yes, almost always. I can't be arsed getting a glass or a cup.
Te only time I don't is when I've got a cold (or something similar) and for the fortnight afterwards. As harsh as I am I don't want to give my family my cold.
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I have jugs instead of cartons...that sounded wrong.

But I don't drink it from the jug either...that sounded wrong also.