I really like the look and feel of schecter guitars. I have been eying either a C-1 Classic or Hellraiser forever now but im wondering what else is out there that could be better. I play mostly melodic metal, alternative and punk music. tell me what you think thanks!
idk dude but If you want a c-1 classic order it up. I ordered one in march, was supposed to come in in may, still not in...
ESP/LTD Viper 400 or a Jackson Rhoads V are what I would go for. I own the Viper and its a sweet guitar, the only downside is it has no whammy bar which is why I want to get a Rhoads V, plus it looks cool as hell and has seymour duncan pickups
u can get a pretty nice jackson for around 750. also ibanez makes some pretty nice models for around there.