hi im a new beginner guitarist and been playing for about 2 months or so
yesterday i went to a teacher and he said that it was weird that i keep watch on my strumming hand instead of the fretting hand, saying that i should be doing vice versa. once i started trying it was horrible i could not play well i would keep hitting other strings. im asking for an efficient method to help with the strumming hand, p.s my teacher told me to anchor my hand down on the guitar and try to play it that way but my hand won't really co-perate please help.
I did that when I started out, for that same reason too. I got through it fine, I still do when I pick fast and scale up, not down though. I just do what's comfortable for me. I advise you to do the same.
When your playing chords its pretty hard to anchor your fingers, but when your playing say, a solo or lick or something, anchor your pinky on the pick guard of your guitar. It will help you hand eye co-ordination, and hopefully help your problem. You will just have to keep practising other eye co-ordination like this before it will help your strumming.


This thread might answer some more questions if you have any
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