i just got dark side of the moon, led zeppelin II, wish you were here, and a whole bunch of other records at value village for a dollar a piece and i was curious about what year each of them was from, but i cant figure it out.

like, led zeppelin II it says copyright 1969, but i dont know if that means that it was printed then, or if that was when it was recorded, but i do know that zeppelin II was made in 69, so i dont think that was the printed date.

is there a way to determine the year any of these was made?
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What kind of Value Village are you going to?
All the Value Villages where i live sell probably the most dirtiest things you'll ever see in your life. Im talkin like used boxers and sstuff
Nasty **** bro....nasty ****tt

and no i have absolutely no idea.
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This man has the right idea.

oh yeahhh
Sometimes you'll find a pressing number that has the year in it. Most of the time, there's nothing you can do other than note visual differences.
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