I have a few questions about learning this song (im not learning the shredding, yet!), just learning the slower part's of the song, anyways there are parts of the tab that go like this;

1012 --10--1012

im just trying to get my head around, i know the sound it makes seems to me like he quickly hammers on the the 10th fret and then picks the 12th fret, is this correct?

i tried looking, but i cant seem to find anything information about the technique for it.

also what is the best way to tune my guitar too D# A# F# C# G# D#. ive read that if i press down on the 2nd fret for every string and use my tuner to tune it to E A.. etc that this will give me the correct tuning? im just finding this method really hard since i have a FR and its hard to fret the note, strum it and adjust it all while trying to make sure the string rings out enough.
There's a name for small notes like that in sheet music, they are called grace notes. Basically they are extra added flavor to the song if you can do em. If I remeber correctly it was like a quick pull off, not neccasarly hitting it 2 times.
thanks man, ill have a search around for grace notes. i can hear them in the song, im sure of it though, so ill practice them.
np, thats really what you have to do, sometimes you have to be able to play the whole song, then add in the grace notes later.

Good luck to ya.