The Epiphone Les Paul Custom, has a cream binding, but recently i saw a Ibanez Art guitar which a black binding around the edge, which i think looks good.

Do you have any suggestions for ways of painting this black onto the guitar (I am planning on replacing a lot of hardware for black hardware etc...)

i think I'm referring to the binding, im not sure what its called, and the reason that there are no pics is because UG is the only website working for me at the minute
it has a really good distortion and clean sound a little to much hum in the background but i guess thats why they call them humbuckers"

review on Zzounds
you could paint it, but if you have the means and feel comfortable with this sort of thing, i would suggest routing out a new binding channel and redoing it with a true black binding. if not, just tape of the body leaving the binding untaped and spray it with black paint, and then clearcoat the whole body afterwards.