Hello, i currently have and ESP AX-50 with the ESP LH-150 pickup setup. I want to get new pickups for it. I have decided that i want either the ESP LH-300 set or the EMG 81/85 set. I have a friend wsho has the Alexi-200 which has 1 LH-300 pickup which sounds pretty good low and distored. So i want to know in your opionon what one is better. Also is the LH-300 set cheaper?
Wrong forum. Take it the electric guitar forum. You'll get a much better response.
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EMGs are better, LHCs are cheaper. The LHC is to ESP as BDSM is to BC Rich.
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get EMG's their ALOT BETTER THAN ESP pickups!!

by the way you have an LTD. IMO they are really bad guitars and suck, ESP are good, but their only signature guitars. but thats IMO

LTD's are
ESP's are decent

To make this shor get 81/85s

Incorrect !

many times you will pay extra on a guitar because it says 'esp' instead of 'LTD'

You would have same wood.. pickups and hardware...

LTD's infact are big yes !

in some case's if you wanna pay an extra few hundred for a name ! then go right ahead !
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