Hello, i currently have and ESP AX-50 with the ESP LH-150 pickup setup. I want to get new pickups for it. I have decided that i want either the ESP LH-300 set or the EMG 81/85 set. I have a friend wsho has the Alexi-200 which has 1 LH-300 pickup which sounds pretty good low and distored. So i want to know in your opionon what one is better. Also is the LH-300 set cheaper?
ESP LH-300 are **** pickups compared to EMG 81/85. The ESP pickups are pickups that ESP placed into their relatively low end models.

You need a new amp before you change any pickups. An okay amp with **** pickups will sound decent but good pickups with a **** amp will still sound like ****.

What amp are you using at the moment?

The reason why your friend's alexi might sound good is because he has a relatively nice amp. What's he using?
well...that was my first guitar...now i have the ax-400 and im selling my emg's 81's out of it...let me know if you want them for your guitar
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well at the moment i am using a Randall RX-15 with a ZOOM G1x effects pedal. Sometimes i use a Behringer Ultra Metal Pedal. So you would reconmend the 81/85? and i only herd him at school on my music teachers line 6 . So thats probaly why it sounded so good.