Hey guys, well i've been playing electric guitar for about..4months. And i've started to try out songs now, but when i play them the tone is too different from the song. Is it just my amp maybe? I had no selection on Amp/guitar cus im in india for a year and i could only find ONE guitar/amp in my area. HelP?
I think its the amp. Altho it would be very hard to get a good tone from just an amp that sounds close to a recording. Alot of the time, guitar players will blend different EQ settings, or layer several tracks over each other. As long as you have a similar clean and distorted sound, you should be fine.
There are dozens of things in your setup that affect your tone, and even if you were to actually play through the exact same rig as the artist, you still wouldn't sound like them, as everyone approaches the instrument in a different way.
I know i wouldn't sound exactly like the guitarist but it sounds way too off. Yea im pretty positive it's the amp, and i've tried many times to mix various EQ settings. THanks.

the amp os a Yamaha GA-15