Whoever you like you can post here

she's not my favorite but she is still hot

Priya Rai

wow, the best thread of all time.

cytherea, jenna haze, raven riley

finger lickin good!
...because the last thing the world needs is another metal guitarist.


My band.

I like Fall Out Boy. I don't like you.
Lorna Morgan
Jade Marcela
Iva Klienkova
Brandy Robbins

the list goes on.
Why you reading this?
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I use my thumb and my johnson

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idk what the keys are for but the reason i think its for the floyd rose is because its called floyd rose double locking

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i iz hurr tuh spek da troof abowt muzik
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Bet this is gonna be closed fast....

So long as people don't post pornographic images I don't see why.


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Yngwi3, You win this whole monstrosity of a thread.

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For the best tingle, use Original Source mint. That shit feels amazing on your balls.

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