ive heard good things about guitar pro is it worth buying i just started in december.
get limewire, you can download it for free there

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get limewire, you can download it for free there

sorry i cant remember the name, but theres a free program that can read both powertab and guitar pro files that is obviously the cheaper option (while being legal) someone else will have to tell you the name though, sorry....
download the trial version of guitar pro so you can test it out and see if you want to spend $50 on it.
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Somebody eventually has to pay for these programs or they will stop making them. And it is a really cool thing to have. You can convert tabs into mp3 and put em in a player and put em thru your amp. You can look up every scale and chord you ever might need. So yea its worth the 50 bucks. Its less than a new video game.