Hey, it's AP5 (awesomepossum5), I just got a new Gibson Les Paul Studio, and I posted some vids on the youtube, and I wondered who else had a Gibson Les Paul Studio????????????
I have an Epiphone Les Paul studio? Also, Electric Guitar Forum :p
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Quote by Tom_hatton
I thought Gibsons were for people who could play guitar? Fucking rich kid.

O.J. will kill you
Is this the child that people were ripping on for quite a long while at one point?

The rich one with all the equipment and whatnot? And the ridiculous YouTube videos?

EDIT: Actually, this ISN'T the kid I was thinking about... Although similar...

Soda sucks.
Just watched your video.

TIP: Sell the Les Paul, buy a $60 Wal-Mart guitar and get beginners lessons. Seriously.
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