My band has been in search of a new bassist for about 2 months and we haven't found anybody that worked out yet. We (2 guitars, drums, and lead singer) have been together and practicing at least 2-3 times a week for almost six months. We can have shows as soon as we have a bass player who has learned all the songs. We have 5 orginals and at least 4 more in the works and a bunch of covers. We play 60's, 70's, and 80's rock along with some modern rock. Were based out of Elmwood Park (by Johnny's if that helps) and if transportation is a problem rides and stuff can be arranged. We have a nice practice space with high-end gear. We need a bassist with knowledge of the instrument (able to write basslines, knows the notes,etc.). If you want more info check out our website, www.holynothing.com. From there you can get links to our myspace and electronic press kit. The recordings that are up are older and the songs have changed a little since then plus those recordings were done by the lead guitarist, singer, and a drum machine. The ages of band members ranges from 16-22 so age is not a huge factor, some where around our ages would be nice though. If interested contact me (Tom) at BBallPlayer12028@aol.com or contact the lead singer (Greg) through our myspace.
I forgot a couple things. 1.) Please respond ASAP, we've been trying to find someone for 2 months, less wait=good. 2.) Please let us know what your gear situation is like. It would be nice if you have an amp that can keep up with a 50 and 100 watt tube amps but not a big deal if you dont. We just have so set up for whats coming in.
Thanks, Please Contact Us!