alright so I will admit, the spider 3 doesnt have the best tone, yeah yeah i give in. but im not using theyre built in tones anymore which i admite are a bit crappy, so what i did now that i have this pod live is i just use the clean channel and run it through there for power. that shouldnt make a crappy tone right? i mean atleats im not using those garbage models on the line 6.
when i plugged in the PODi wa spretty amazed at the sounds, WAY better than the models i used before. so do yo uthink i should buy a new amp even though im really using the POD to make my sounds? if i ever get a tube amp i wan tto keep my POD and use it through there. do you think that is alright? i dont know much about tones to be honest
well now, seems you have found a tone you liked. Now we got the questions, involving a new amp. Now if your dead set and you want to keep the tones from the pod xt you might just want to get a Roland JC-120, and use the pod in the effects loop. Which will make the pod shine even more. Or you can take the route of a tube amp?
If your are happy with the tones you have put together in your POD, then I would focus on finding an amp (tube or solid state) with a great super clean tone, such as the aforementioned JC-120 or I would also look at a Peavey ValveKing.
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yeah but will my tube amp be tone raped because of the pod? someone told me that mutlieffects pedals liek this can take away from the tube tone. i expect it might a little bit but if it defeats the whole purpose of a tube amp id liek to know
im kinda wanting to hold of with the spider 3 until i get enough money. its kinda like everyime i see my amp im think eww a spider, haha
Best bet would be to take your POD to a store, and try it out with a few different amps. If you are using a lot of the amp models, then I would not worry so much about the amp's tone, as much as how clean the channel is. If you are using it for it's effects then start to focus more on the amps tones and warmth.
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Or check out Atomic Amps or the Tech21 Power Engines. They are both 112 or 212 combos that are designed to be used with modelers/preamps. They are essentially a cab and power amp in one unit and have no preamp to color the tone of the modeler.

The atomic amp is has a tube poweramp and the tech21 has an SS poweramp.
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Mogar nailed it right on the head!!! If you're gonna use the POD, then buying an actual amp will just complicate things. Look for what he said, and if not, find a power amp with a 2x12 cab or even a 4x12 if you really wanna do it.

Just don't run your POD thru the effects loop of an amp, especially if you're using the amp models. Distortions are meant to be at the front of the chain...before the amp. Same thing for wahs. The loop is for time-based effects like delay, chorus, & reverb plus stuff like noise gates. I use my POD occasionally thru the loop on my tube combo...but for effects only.
How loud do you need to be ? My POD XTL sounds great with a Valve junior.
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If you plan on getting into a band situation, 50 watts of tube is plenty and probably 100 watts for a solid state amp.
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