i can play the rest of the song cuz i learned it off of youtube, and i have the whole song ddown cept for the solo. i can play the intro to the solo, but everything else is really confuzing. anyone know a great one that's right?
up to what part do you have so far? ill tab out the part you want, but i dont feel like wasting a lot of time tabbing out the whole thing if you only need some of it. my band plays this song and i can promise you i play it right.
where he does that squiggly type thing then goes into the solo. And i need that and the ENTIRE SOLO and thats it.
i have up tothe intro before the solo where he does the squiggly thing- i can't do that part; along with the solo too.
Sorry I don't know, but if you keep posting like that, someone's gonna report you.

Tried Fretplay or Tabs911?

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I tried fretplay and 911 tabs, and all of the solos really suck. It would be awesome if TDOPZ could make the solo to Stricken tab for me.