I do these quick two minute song recordings after I wrote a song to get a general idea of what it will sound like with multiple instruments playing. This recording took me 10 min to make so dont judge it on production or editing but rather on the notes you hear.

It is actually a good exercise to improve your production and mixing skills too.

The song is in my profile and it is called "The Gamblers Prayer."

there's a solo at the end on eletric guitar

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Nice....I liked the overall idea. Like you said, recording was rough, so not taking that into account. I liked the rhythm ideas and progression.
Personally, I think that the ending solo had just a few too many notes in there, that were incorporated purely for the sake of speed. Too many notes that were repeated in the same position...ie repeating a group of 3 or 4 notes over and over as fast as you can, just isn't as effective as placing them for max impact. It was a quick recording, with mostly improv, I know...so don't take it as being overly critical, I just wanted to offer what it sounded like to me.
Trust me...LOL...From my own experiences, I get waaaay too notey at times too. Many times "simple & well" placed will easily trump "hyper & random".

"50% of the time, it works every time" LOL