GK 700RB-II and 410RBH

I love it already. Slap sounds amazing, with a pick I can get a nice pop punk sound, fingerstyle sounds great. I finally have my dream tone so I can focus on playing and not GASing.

I will write a review after I get some more use out of it.
oh fast_bear, ask and it shall be given....

Seriously, just post a request up in the Rules thread or PM one of the mods.
Thanks for all the replies. Id love to do a UROTM. With the MM I do get good flea like tone but my p basses thump so nicely with this rig. Luckily im in a basement so I won't bother the neighbors too much.

Here is a better picture

wow that looks sick, record some songs with it nao
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That's a great rig you've got there. Now, get that tweeterless 15, will ya?
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Awww it's a sub
With a real Musicman I'm sure it would sound amazing.
More so if it already doesn't.
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I love those cabs.................. sweet stuff; congrats!
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