i'm sort of new to the mmo genre. i played final fantasy 11 for a bit as well as world of warcraft and they're ok. so...what about city of heroes/city of villians? i've heard very mixed things about it.
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It doesn't blow at all. It's actually a fun game but since their isn't a gigantic community it can get a bit lonely at times. The missions seem to get repetitive but after a while it picks up and starts getting fun.
i played COH like years ago, it was pretty good it gets really fun when you get higher levels, dunno its just certain views
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if a game has no community then forget it.
if im going to play an online game it better have people to talk to in it.
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I bought it a while back. Trust me, the novelty wears off VERY quickly. It can be quite repetitive, and you really have to get to the max levels to really enjoy the game. The leveling up process can be a huge pain in the ass, more so in this game than in other MMORPGs. Its a decent game, but you would probably be better off with World of Warcraft. Much more depth to it IMO.
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While I do prefer WoW, City of Heroes is a lot of fun. Nothing like running around with superspeed for a while.

The problem is, it's lost a lot of it's community in the past few years.
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Go for Everquest 1 (preferably) or Everquest 2 (better for a new mmorpger). These new games blow, WoW and City of Heroes are horrible games. They are both insanely easy and repetitive. If you're into that, then go for it. If you're looking for fun, definitely not gonna find it in those games.

Although, I won't lie. I play WoW on occasion with friends, and have a good time, but end game is crap imo.

EDIT: Don't make a thread for this either, take it to the gaming thread!
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I got City of Villains... and it sucks.

Like WoW.

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