i own a isp decimator, i have for a few days, bt ive noticed that the noise gat on my POD is alot better. the isp is really good though dont get me wrong bot sometimes when it cant clean up all of the high gains crap and if it does it kills the tone. but i noticed that my POD's noise gate will emliminate just about everything without doign any tone or volume damage at all. i think im going to take my isp back to guitar center soon.

PS what does decay mean in terms of sound haha i have no idea
Where did you put it? in the FX loop, or in your chain?
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Where did you put it? in the FX loop, or in your chain?


Also you have to play with with it a bit you want it to be set were it just barely kills the noise so its right on that raged edge of noise and no noise. Because yes if you twist that knob it has the capabilities to kill everything and mute the whole d@mn rig lol
wait. why are you running a POD through a Spider in the first place?

decay is like attack i think...
it's really hard for me to explain.
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