Insignificant compared to classical guitarists? I recently started classical guitar with a teacher and he made me play a bit of electric guitar just to see where I was with technique and he pointed out so many flaws in my playing I hadn't noticed before, now that I've been doing classical for a few weeks now, I have bad habits in my playing like having my wrist the wrong way and not finger-picking hard enough when playing, and stuff.

So does anyone else feel insignificant compared to classical guitarists? My teacher just owns me in every way and he told me that every other classical guitarist would be able to point my flaws out too.

And other electric guitarists around me in real life who haven't played classical don't see a problem with my playing

I suppose its also the giutarists which you hang out with!
Great to hear your getting lessons with a classical guitar teacher, it will improve your technique and voicing greatly!

For me, i dont feel SO insignificant... i play classical guitar as well as electric. I like to play everything so that i can merge it all into a style and voicing of my own!
yeah, classical guitarists are really the elite players. ive been getting into classical stuff lately, and some of the easier sounding things are still insanely complex. my guitar teacher always tells me, "i quit playing rock music because it was too easy" i now see why.