Steve Klein is, perhaps, the most innovative builder/designer of flattop guitars alive today. His creations, built on the acoustic principles of Michael Kasha, are guitars with architecture like no other. And sound like no other. Each is exquisitely hand made from the finest woods - in this case, Engelmann Spruce and Figured East Indian Rosewood. The width of the neck at the nut is 1 11/16th inches. Scale is 25.5 inches, and in typical Steve Klein fashion, the nut is a zero fret.

Steve Kauffmann is to be credited with building the Klein M43s. They were made for a short time in the late 1990s and were sold as quickly as they were made. There are an infantesimally small number of these guitars out there, and since I bought this 8 years ago, I've not seen one for sale.

Steve Klein has not been building for many years now, but has recently announced he will start again. His starting price for guitars will be $25,000. At that price, this is a steal. It's in exactly the shape it was in when I bought it, which is just about mint. There are some slight, small, surfaces scratches around the top of the sound hole that Steve acknowledged when I bought it.

This guitar is equipped with a Highlander pickup system with both under saddle pickup and a condenser mic. You can hear samples that I recorded for my CD 11:11 at http://www.bobmartin1111.com/music.html . What you'll hear there was the Highlander system directly to Cubase. Pretty amazing.

Anyway, if you are reading this, you probably have a good idea what this guitar is, what it will do, and how rare it is. It comes with a custom white Calton case the has Steve Klein's signature embossed into it.

Ask as many questions as you like. I am the original owner and would be happy to answer them.

I have listed this on ebay and I am asking for a Buy It Now price of $14,500, with a starting bid of $10,750. I would sell it here on this forum for $12,000.

If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to email me at:
uburoiatmacdotcom - just replace that at with @ and the dot with .

Here is a link to the ebay listing with photos:

And here are some photos: