Hey this is my first attempt at recording anything by myself haha. First time programming drum tracks for a song too so bear with me.

Please tell me what you think!

link to purevolume

(btw I know my pinches need alot of work lol; my sweeps too)
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Sup man. Criting as I go.

The Intro is awesome as it starts off with a traditional heavy metal riff, into a sweet melodic harmony between the guitars, then into a galloping riff, seperated by an awesome melody. Definately has that awesome factor and you didn't copy other Metalcore bands like most do, and I'm liking your style. The guitar sound is very good, which sounds similar to my sound. The breakdown part is pretty brutal as it changes from metalcore into deathcore which I love, also t he clean part is good and your solo is fine, but practice always makes perfect. It's very melodic, which I love and when the harmony comes in it's awesome. The only qualm i have is that it stops to short, I think you should bring it back to the chorus or something other than that, nice work. 9/10 dude! I hope to crit you more!

Also, if you want to, you can crit mine.

This is pretty damn good..

(btw I have the same schecter)

It reminds me of a more death metal iron maiden for some reason. The drum track seems pretty fine other than the fact that it doesn't sound the greatest... but pretty well programmed.

What are you recording with? Not the best recording quality but it gets the point across.

Ahhhhhhhh dead metal break downnnnnnnnn (got a little into it here haha). And a pretty good solo too... You can sweep better than I can so it works haha

Over all good man, I enjoyed it. Kinda a rough ending but thats something to work on.

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This song sounds very much like a Killswitch Engage song. However, I must say its pretty sweet. Your guitar tones are very good for this type of music. The solo is the only problem I really have an issue with. The beginning of it was kind of eh, then it got real decent, then it dropped off again. Work on the solo and you should be better off. Basically 9/10

PS: Drums sounded good for being programmed. What program do you use?

Good job.

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I really like it. Has a real metal feel to it, the breakdown was sick
i wanna know what program you used for the drums also