Right now I'm learning the key of G and was wondering what popular blues songs are written in that key?
Smoke on the Water isn't really blues but the riff is based off the G blues scale.
YOu could shift any song to the key of G, actually, it's a good process to go through, probably learn something doing it, but good luck on the search.
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Look at the link below, there are a ton of Blues backing tracks in different keys and stuff like that.
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i believe key to the highway (at least the derek and the dominos version) is in the key of G
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Crushing Day by Satriani is in G. That in no way is blues, but thats what I'm learning in G, so I guess I slightly contributed = /
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isn't texas flood technically in F# but since stevie tunes a half step down you play it in G?
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isn't texas flood technically in F# but since stevie tunes a half step down you play it in G?


Well, see I don't tune down like him. And neither does the TS, I'm guessing. So yeah, you probably are right, but anyway....

If you play the song in standard tuning, it's in G.

And if you want to play some songs in Open G: Traveling Riverside Blues by Led Zeppelin.
^ Also most Muddy Waters tunes are in Open G.

Not necessarily the KEY of G, though....
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Clapton's "Reconsider Baby" is in G minor, and has a really good tab and powertab on UG. Just look it up. Also, it's really fun. Kind of hard if you're just starting out though.