the problem is my new guitar buzzes alot (cant hear it through the amp) now because i now play in drop d 1/2 step all of the time. i have a FR. the dude at guitarcenter stopped while about to give e the strings when i told him i had a FR and he said ohh man you dont wanna do that youd have to adjust the tension and everything. what does that mean. the only problems are the heavy strings (liek the fat E A and such), theyre too loose. i liek having my strigns close to the fretboard and even the high strings act weird now so i think i want to chaneg gauges. no idea what is in my guitar now i think theyre the stock pikcups. they are porbably 10s...thats what the guitar cneter guy said. what should i do
he meant that when you change to higher gauge strings, you have to adjust you truss rod and action because there would be a major change in tension.
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well i dont know alotabout that stuff but i thought the truss ross was the rod in the middle that you can usually acess near where the tuners are, because mine doesnt have that. what would i do