i dont know much about acoustics but i want to get one
my price range is liek 200 haha
i coudl get an acoustic simulat though but i dont know.
anyways this dude wants to sell my a guitar ive never heard of. its a Stagg and he want to sell it to me for 175, i have no idea what model...its sunburst acoustic electric and it felt kind anice to play but i dont have naything to compare it to. i dont veen know if stagg is good.
any suggesttions?
also if this isnt a good deal what could i get from guitarcenter, hopefully acoustic electric...im open to ibanez and such.
sorry fo rspelling my keyboard is broke. i think i could always just get an acoustic, and when i play on stage (since i probably would use acoustic to recor dintros and bridges in heavy songs, i would use the simulator live)