I'm playing an ESP LTD MH 400NT with a Peavey 6505+. Despite neck thru, mahogany body, and active pick ups, there's just not that much sustain there. I think the sound is good, though more compression can never really hurt. I'm trying to figure out what move I should make. I want to think a Boss compression/sustainer pedal would do it, looking at the cheap/simple route, but was tossing up the idea of having a metal muff in the mix or something like it. Or possibly an MXR or Keeley compression pedal.
The cheapest and best, like I said is preferred, but I'm looking for as much input as I can get.
Big Muff Pi Distortion/Sustainer pedal.
simply put, increase your gain and treble of your amp to get more sustain.
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Actually, it's set-thru, so it's just a deep set-neck. Yes, a compressor pedal will work, but check and make sure the truss rod is straight and the intonation is set properly for the tuning you use. You'll get a little more sustain by fixing those problems. You can do the intonation and truss rod adjustments yourself, and can find many guides on how to do it on youtube or other sites (I'm too lazy to post in depth stuff right now).

Otherwise, get a cheap compressor or overdrive.
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Intonation and truss rod are fine. I have the lows and highs boosted, mids more or less axed. Playing death metal without solos. Going for heavy. My notes just don't sustain like my other guitarist, both playing similar guitars, but his set up is pretty different.
But in the context of the music, feedback isn't much help. I'm leaning towards compressor/sustainer. Any more suggestions on which one to go with? MXR? Electro-Harmonix?
Mids axed.....as in zero?
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