Alright first off I have a pretty good understanding of the circle of fifths, relative minors, and I know every 3 5 7 9 on the fretboard. I also have a pretty good understanding of theory. I have however come to a screeching halt. My friend was play a chord progressio lets say C G am F, he told me to write a harmony for it. I didn't understand at all, he explained a little bit but I still confused! Any suggestions?
wait.., he wanted you to write a harmony for a melody line or chords?
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Uhh..... I don't know much about theory but use the 3rds?

Like for an E note if you added the major 3rd, G, with it, it would sound harmonized. I think.

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If you have a C chord, you can play either a C, E, or G. Then play a F chord and you can have an F, A, or C. Then a G chord, you can play G, B, or D. When going from one chord, make sure to alternated between choosing the Tonic, Third, and Fifth of the note.

Those are the ingredients for harmony. You just write down the chord tones of each chord.
^ So I was right! I think??

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Depends what key you're in, if you're in the key of G-Major the scale is...



Sorry for the messy bits but you get what I mean

Let's start with the root note G, let's do it on the 12th fret of the G string.

Now you can choose either the 3rd, 5th or 7th note of the G-Major scale to harmonize with it, so you can play a G and a B, a G and a C or a G and an F#.

Basically that.
The most logcal thing would be that he mistook "harmony" for "melody". If he is playing chords, he was playing the harmony. He probably wanted you to write a melody for the chord progression.

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