i'm having serious issues w/ songs that want to make me use bar chords (yeah i know there's prolly some other way to spell it but that's how i learned it so i'm going with "bar") is there any way to do something alternativly because my hands just aren't quite big enough to make it work properly. or do i just gotta keep on practicing until i get it (or wait for my hands to grow:P)

keep practicing...it'll get easier.
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just keep practicing... sometimes you can cheat and wrap your thumb around to get the bass string but basically you're just gonna have to keep at it until you get it. They always feel awkward when you're just starting out, don't worry though you will get it eventually.
You can play chords at different spots, say you're playing a Dm chord, you can go
10 5
10 6
10 7
12 7
12 5

both will be a Dm, but you won't get the bass string on one, obviously. Hopefully that makes sense. Check out www.jguitar.com and you can find some alternate chord shapes that may help you.
But the best advice I can give, is just keep practicing cause you will get it with time!
id say wrap your thumb around... i dont do this but i know someone who does and he can add in little fills much easier since he doesnt have to move the bass note or anything.