I've been wanting a strat in my arsenal for along time. I love to play jimi, SRV, john mayer, and some other stuff from the other end of the spectrum that's alot harder. I was wanting an extremely versatile strat. My reasoning:

I looked at the SRV and JM sig models. Both have alder bodies, similar finishes, similar pickguards. The srv has a pao ferro fret board and the jm has a african rosewood fretboard. They also have diff pups. Srv with tx specials, jm with big dipper.
I'm thinking i could style the body after the srv and use the neck of the jm. But here is my big problem. I know both of those guys get their tone from the neck pup. I would rather have the big dipper and put the texas special at a middle (or would that ruin the srv tone by not having it at the neck?) , then maybe a humbucker at the bridge to play heavy stuff. would that do the trick?
get the texas special for the neck and the middle and maybe a pearly gates for the bridge. and THICK STRINGS!!!
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