I've been wanting a strat in my arsenal for along time. I love to play jimi, SRV, john mayer, and some other stuff from the other end of the spectrum that's alot harder. I was wanting an extremely versatile strat. My reasoning:

I looked at the SRV and JM sig models. Both have alder bodies, similar finishes, similar pickguards. The srv has a pao ferro fret board and the jm has a african rosewood fretboard. They also have diff pups. Srv with tx specials, jm with big dipper.
I'm thinking i could style the body after the srv and use the neck of the jm. But here is my big problem. I know both of those guys get their tone from the neck pup. I would rather have the big dipper and put the texas special at a middle (or would that ruin the srv tone by not having it at the neck?) , then maybe a humbucker at the bridge to play heavy stuff. would that do the trick?
hey woah man! it's your creation, build it and find out, maybe youll come across your own killer tone.

and yes i know im no help
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you could to the steve lukather route and put an emg humbucker in teh bridge...and two david gilmour emg single coils in the middle and neck pickup position. you nkow...like this ll l l. i love how that guitar sounds...maybe you will too.