I'm sorry - I just bought a whole bunch of new goodies and I'm very pleased But - It's not really in a studio (I did it in my home studio) but I think it has pretty awesome quality. I have been wanting to record this and make it an upbeat but rock like song... I hope you guys like it

Listen on my profile

Thanks for listening

EDIT: It needs bass... I am going to put that in tomorrow.
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That's really good stuff.

The guitar sounds amazing. What kind of mics were you using for that?

The vocals sound really good. Not quite my style, but that doesn't mean they're bad. I loved the chorus with the vocal harmonies. You're really effing good at harmonizing vocals.

Not much to crit really, it was a great song. It did get a little repetetive though. But it wasn't that big a deal. You're obviously very talented. How long did it take you to record that?

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=890015 C4C.

This is rough but me and my band will put up a more polished version pretty soon.
I'm a person.
I used a Rode K2 Tube Microphone for everything - it's got a very smooth rounded sound which I like but I need to change out the tubes - anyone here know where to get good tubes at?

As for the guitars to get them perfect I used a UAD DSP chip and ran FairChild plugin to round out and compress the sound...

After an extensive listen the master needs more gain - possibly another plugin as I was only running an EQ and limiter - the EQ gave it a very high end sound that clears out the hum and mud....

Recording took me a full day from 8AM to when I posted this on UG 12 Am... BUT I haven't got it 100% yet, I need bass and possibly some changes in structure...