Hey guys. So, I bought a used amp, and it turns out it was a dud. I'm gonna see if I can repair it because it is a rare amp. If repairing it costs too much, however, I will return and buy another amp. I'm looking for possible amps I can buy. I play a variety of styles, but focus on metal. Basically I need a good, versatile, tube amp that has enough gain for metal (doom, post-metal, etc). It can be a head or combo, as long as its under $700. I'm leaning more towards a Mesa F-50, but I am also considering an F-30, a Carvin V3, and a Mark IV (if I find it for a good price). I found some amps I don't know much about, such as a Randall Pro Tube 1000 II, and a weird amp called a GT-30H by KLD guitars. I googled but I found nothing on this amp and barely anything about the company. The amp is supposedly worth $1100, but I highly doubt it. Has anyone ever heard of this amp? What are your suggestions about what amp I should get?